Court Reporting Steno Writers

\nThe American judicial system has a longstanding tradition of capturing every word spoken in the courtroom. An entire career and industry has arisen in order to fulfill that goal. Whether on television on in real life, most people have seen the man or woman positioned at a small desk in front of the courtroom. This is the court reporter, and it is his/her job to hear, type, and transcribe every utterance from every participant in the proceedings. To successfully carry out the appointed task requires a special piece of machinery called a steno writer.\n\n

Not Just a Typewriter

\nAt first glance, a steno writer looks like a small typewriter, for those old enough to remember the pre-laptop days. Basically, it’s a small box with a keyboard for inputs, though with significantly fewer (and larger) keys than a traditional QWERTY keyboard. This special machine was developed to allow court reporters to type as many as 300 words per minute; the world record is 375. Such speed is a necessity, as is a special shorthand language, in order to accurately catch every word spoken by each participant in the courtroom. Interruptions and more than one person speaking at a time create a complexity that has driven the development of the steno writer. It is an indispensable part of the process now.\n

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It’s a Necessity

\nIt’s unlikely a court reporter would be taken seriously were he or she to show up for a trial or deposition without a steno writer. For anyone looking to enter the field of court reporting, deposition taking, or real-time captioning of television programs, this product will be high on your list of needed purchases. In fact, despite the cost, you really can’t function without it. Old-fashioned shorthand and a pile of yellow legal pads just won’t meet the needs these days. \n\n

Court Reporting Students

\nBeginning student court reporters should consider investing in high quality used steno writers while they learn the skill. Once training is complete and you’re ready to accept that first job, there are many professional court reporter steno writer models ranging from about a thousand dollars and going up from there. The bottom line is that a steno writer is equipment you can’t be without to succeed in the court reporter profession.\n\n


Court Reporting Steno Writer Equipment

\nCurrently working in or considering a career in the court reporting or stenography industry? Check out the low rates on previously used professional steno writers and student steno writers from the industry leader Stenograph.\n

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