Stenograph Used Writers

The leading manufacturer of shorthand writers is now offering certified, pre-owned writers.

Used Stenograph Writing Machines

Choosing the correct used Stenograph writing machine is an important decision. You have to factor in what your needs are, what features are available, what stage you are in your career and what’s the best price. Many times, when someone is in the market for a steno machine, a used writer tends to be the best option. Once they have chosen to invest in a used writer, they need to decide which pre-owned model they should go with. In the end, the two top steno machine models are Stenograph’s Wave and Diamante writers.

Stenograph Luminex CSE Student Writer

The Luminex CSE student writer is the ideal entry level steno machine for Court Reporting school students. This finely-tuned steno machine will maximize the effectiveness of your practice, while at the same time minimize the time needed to increase your speed and accuracy. The Luminex CSE student writer utilizes the same technology that’s built into the Luminex, Stenograph’s professional steno machine model. Learn more about used Luminex CSE writers.

Stenograph Luminex Writer

Join the ranks of thousands of genuinely satisfied users and upgrade to Stenograph’s professional steno machine, the Luminex writer. The Luminex is the most sophisticated writing machine ever made. Nine out of ten Luminex users report less fatigue, fewer errors and greater speed, right out of the box. Get cleaner translations without changing the way you write. Learn more about used Luminex writers.

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