The Benefits of a Steno Machine

\nA steno machine (also commonly referred to as a steno writer) is one of the most interesting pieces of technology. Put simply, a steno machine is a device that is used to type words. However, unlike an ordinary QWERTY keyboard, a steno machine only has 22 keys. With these 22 keys, a stenographer, people who use steno machines, can compose every word in the English language.\n

How It Works

\nPeople often wonder how a stenographer can possibly write every word in the English language with only 22 keys. They do this through a process known as “chording.” For those familiar with music, the process of chording, playing several notes together, will be familiar. However, instead of combining notes to create chords as musicians do, stenographers combine letter keys on their steno machines to create words.\n

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The Reason to Use a Steno Machine

\nThe major advantage that steno machines have over QWERTY keyboards is speed. The average person types around 33 words per minute. Professional typists can type much faster, averaging somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 80 words a minute depending on how skilled they are. Professional stenographers can shatter those speeds, typing between 250 to 300 word per minute.\n\nWhen you consider the average person speaks somewhere between 180 to 200 words per minute, it is easy to realize how valuable steno machines are. Wherever people are speaking and their words need to be captured in real-time, having access to a steno machine is invaluable.\n

Court Reporters

\nSteno machines are most widely used by court reporters who need to type the testimony of people in the witness stand as well as the words of the attorneys and judge. They have to be able to capture all of this discussion in real-time with no mistakes. That is why a professional steno machine is a universal feature in every courtroom in the United States.\n

Closed Captioning

\nFor anyone who has ever wondered how closed captioning is created on television, this is the answer. Just like in a courtroom setting, closed captioning relies on stenographers who can capture all the words and sounds they hear in real-time. This is a valuable skill that allows people with hearing impairment to have full enjoyment of programming they might otherwise not be able to appreciate. Closed captioning is also used in other settings such as theater performances, telephone conversations and online streaming videos.\n\n


Steno Machine Equipment:

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