Before You Buy

Before investing in the tools of your trade make sure you
have done proper research and asked the proper questions.

What to Consider Before Buying a Used Steno Machine

Now you are ready to invest in the proper equipment to help you take your career to the next level. Whether you are a starting steno student, an experienced court reporter or a seasoned captioner you understand how vital having the proper equipment can be for your success. So you have decided you are ready to purchase a used steno machine, but before investing in the tools of your trade you need to make sure you have done proper research and asked the proper questions.



Which Used Steno Machine to Choose


You see the ads online and in magazines; there are numerous steno machines available. But just because each of the steno writers are supposed to perform the same end function, that doesn’t mean all steno machines are alike or equal in value. For these reasons, make sure you purchase a used steno machine that meets the following requirements.


    • Advanced product features – Today’s steno machines have a lot of new features. Make sure you are buying a used steno writer that includes features (i.e. works with CAT software) which help improve your steno writing experience.
    • Durability – A steno machine travels with you. Make sure the steno writer you purchase is built to handle the constant mobility of your profession.
    • Factory refurbished – There is a difference between “refurbished” and “factory refurbished.” Your success depends on having reliable equipment, make sure the used steno writer is certified factory refurbished.



Choosing a Company to Buy From

Whom you purchase your used steno machine from can be just as important as the used steno writer model you choose. Buying a used steno writer from the company that manufactured the steno machine model you are purchasing has great advantages, including repair experience and expert customer service. Generally, when purchasing a used steno machine from an online auction site, there is no guarantee as to the condition of the writer, and the transaction ends after you receive the writer which means no continuing support. For these reasons, make sure you purchase a used steno writer from a company that meets the requirements listed below.


    • Warranty – When buying used equipment, consider whether a company (seller) offers a warranty which tells you a lot about the business you are dealing with. Go with a company that stands behind the product they sell. Please note, when purchasing steno machines from online auction sites, a factory backed warranty usually is not included.
    • BBB rating – The Better Business Bureau provides grading to rate how reputable a business is. Checking the BBB rating for the company you are considering purchasing your used writer from can reveal some critical information. Please note, similar to the warranty issue with purchasing from online auction sites, a good purchase decision must also consider finding a seller’s BBB rating.



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