New Year’s Resolutions for Stenographers

\nOne of the most common New Year’s Resolutions involves taking that next step in one’s career. That step could be as simple as reading more news articles related to your industry, or as big as enrolling in school to pursue a brand new career. For stenographers, this desire to gain greater job satisfaction is no different. As job opportunities continue to grow and evolve, there are an infinite number of ways stenographers can enhance their careers 2016. Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas that can help stenographers stay happy and prosperous for many years to come.\n\n

Accept a New Challenge

\nThe most notable career for a stenographer is court reporting, however there are a number of other career paths a stenographer can take. If the idea of working in a court room creating transcripts of depositions no longer thrills you, consider taking your skills elsewhere to places like a sporting events or press conference. With new legislation requiring improved access to captioning for America’s deaf and hearing- impaired, the need for stenographers to provide closed captioning for live broadcasting events is on the rise. Stenographers who are certified in CART Captioning can also take their skills to places more close to home like classrooms and local seminars. \n\n

Make More Money

\nOne of the most direct ways to excel your career as a stenographer and make more money is to achieve real-time captioning. Specialized services such as CART captioning and broadcast captioning tend to pay more because they require advanced training and the ability to transcribe the spoken word as it is happening. Other career paths such as court reporting do not always require this level of speed, however most firms and attorneys prefer their court reporters are capable of transcribing in real time. Not only can real-time open up more opportunities, but the charge for a real-time court reporter is higher. Thus, many court reporters are taking the real-time plunge for financial reasons alone.\n\n

Get a Tech Upgrade

\nTechnology is changing the way stenography is done. Computer knowledge and wireless equipment is no longer an option, it is a necessity if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Many attorneys are taking this a step further by asking for real-time deposition streaming to their laptop or iPad. In order to provide these types of services, you’ll need a CAT system with real time translation capabilities. Court reporters that embrace advancements in technology and use the latest stenographic equipment to their advantage will discover a long and diverse career ahead of them.\n\n

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