Court Reporting School Online

\nThanks to modern technology, the quality of online court reporting school has become significantly improved, allowing students to virtually interact with their teachers in real time from any location. With the success rate of online graduates on the rise, the opportunity for those seeking to advance their careers while still maintaining other outside obligations has significantly improved, allowing greater flexibility and cost savings to prospective court reporters. \n\n

Benefits of Online Courses

\nThe decision to enroll in an online court reporting college or a brick-and-mortar college will depend largely on an individual’s personal obligations, financial means and preferred method of learning. For many, the possibility of attending a traditional brick-and-mortar college is simply not an option. Thankfully, online programs offer the same course work, but with the flexibility to complete your program from anywhere. \n\nUnlike brick-and-mortar schools that require your physical attendance in the classroom, online schools allow you to log in and work from home or a nearby coffee shop. Not only does this allow students the flexibility to attend class in between work or taking care of family, but it also saves them money on gas and/or other travel expenses. And because online schools are not burdened with the cost of maintaining a building, they are able to pass those cost savings onto you.\n\nSome online schools even allow students to choose their preferred learning method. You can either choose to pursue your entire court reporting certificate online, or you can choose to do a combination of online academics mixed with hands-on speed classes taken on-site. \n\n

What Certifications Are Available Through Online Court Reporting School?

\nOnline court reporting students are held to the same standards as traditional court reporting students, and thus, receive the same credentials upon graduation. A wide variety of programs are offered to those interested in becoming a professional court reporter or CART provider. Those interested in advancing their careers can also get higher-level certificates in realtime or broadcast captioning through online programs.\n\n

What to Look for in an Online Court Reporting College?

\nNot all online court reporting schools are created equal. When researching schools, it’s important to look for a program that is accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Most states require this licensing, but even in states that do not, most employers are seeking court reporters with a certificate from an accredited school. \n\nAccording to the NCRA, Certified schools agree to periodic reviews by the Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) to verify their continued adherence to the General Requirements and Minimum Standards (GRMS). For a full list of certified schools, visit NCRA.\n\n

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\nWhether you’re interested in studying online or attending a traditional court reporting college, one this is certain – you are going to need a student steno writer, such as the Wave machine. Stenograph offers refurbished steno machines for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Be sure to ask about our financing options to make your investment more affordable. \n