CAT Software for Court Reports & Students

\nComputer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software helps stenographers transcribe on a steno machine with greater efficiency. Today, every professional court reporter, captionist and transcriber depends on CAT Software in order to be successful in their career.\n

When is the Right Time to Purchase CAT Software?

\nAs a professional court reporter, you will be required to possess a steno machine, computer and transcription software. Although students are not always required to own CAT software until after they graduate, many programs today teach CAT and it is often recommended that a student learn it before entering the job market. There are plenty of affordable student versions available that can be easily upgraded to a professional version when the time comes. Plus, a “CAT-competent” candidate is more likely to get the job over someone that still needs additional training. \n\nFreelance stenographers are required to provide their own equipment, including computer-aided transcription software. There are a variety of professional versions available to freelance workers, so it’s important to research your options in order to ensure you’re well equipped to take on any job that comes your way.\n

How to Select a CAT System

\nThere are a variety of CAT Systems on the market. Selecting the right one will depend on your current career status, unique needs and budget. Keep in mind, there are affordable student versions for those who want to practice real-time writing and work on dictionary building. Some other important features to look for when deciding on a CAT system include free updates, the ability to do complete transcription production, choice of dictionaries or dictionary conversion, and the ability to receive the transcripts from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. \n\nIt’s also important to consider the steno writer that will accompany your CAT software. What combination works best? The experts at Stenograph recommend using the Diamante and Case CATalyst 15 together for the best results. Case CATalyst 15 offers the most user friendly CAT experience designed to make your work easier. Defines are sent to Diamante, which means you’ll receive cleaner translation without additional effort. Plus, this dynamic duo is available with Wi-Fi, allowing you to freely move around the room without any wires.\n\n

What’s Next

\nIf you already know what you need, you can purchase a steno machine and transcription software online at Stenograph – the leader in court reporting equipment. For those who are still unsure which system is right for them, we can help! Our professional team is standing by to help guide you through the buying process. For more information on your CAT software and steno writer options, contact us a 1-800-323-4247.