Buying New Vs. Used Steno Writers


What Professions Use Steno Writers?

\nThere are a number of professions that use a steno writer. Court reporters, real-time captioners, legal deposition recorders and shorthand stenographers are some of the professions that utilize steno writers as a main piece of equipment in their career. Not everyone who uses a steno writer is already in their professional career. Students who are attending a court reporter or shorthand school also use steno writers during their academic career.\n

Advantages Of Purchasing A New Steno Writer

\nBuying a new steno writer provides you with a piece of equipment that has never been used before and generally the newest model available. New steno writers typically come with a warranty, software and possibly a case. It should be noted that to get all of the above, you will pay more than the cost of a used steno writer.\n

Advantages Of Purchasing A Used Steno Writer

\nWhat is included with a used steno writer and its condition depends greatly on where the used steno writer is obtained. Buying from a reseller, online auction or classifieds generally won’t provide the same security and features that purchasing a used steno writer directly from the manufacturer provides. Buying a used steno writer direct from the manufacturer is beneficial because the steno writer may include many if not all the same features a new model has but at a reduced rate. An advantage for court reporting students to purchase a used student writing machine, is it allows them to reduce expenses during their academic period and hold-off upgrading to a new professional model until they are certified and ready to work full-time.\n

Which Steno Writer To Purchase?

\nIn the end, it comes down to a few key points to consider:\n


  1. Perhaps purchasing a used steno writer is the only option because a new steno writer is not within your budget.
  2. \n

  3. Are you a student looking for an economical option compared to investing in a new steno writer?
  4. \n

  5. Is a high quality used steno writer available?
  6. \n

  7. Does a used steno writer meet your current steno writer needs?
  8. \n

  9. Are you looking for a steno writer with a manufacturer’s warranty?
  10. \n

  11. Have you been using a used steno writer and are in the market for a new steno writer?
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\nIf in the end you decided you want a used steno writer, take a moment to educate yourself by reading “Considering Buying A Used Steno Machine” for additional tips on buying a used steno writer.