Used Diamante Writers

Ready to upgrade to the most sophisticated professional used writer? The Stenograph Diamante is the perfect solution for steno students wanting more than a student model writer. The Diamante provides cleaner translations without changing the way you write, and a lightly used Diamante offers a fantastic savings.Turn on the Stenograph Diamante and you are ready to go! It takes only three seconds for the Diamante to power-on before you can start taking the record. The Diamante has the shortest stroke setting possible, and the adjustable keyboard depth and tension wheels can be set to the way you write. The Diamante has a vibrant flat-panel screen, beautifully displays steno, text or both side-by-side as you write. Used Diamante’s purchases are subject to availability. 

Reasons to buy your used Diamante writer direct from Stenograph:


  • Stenograph manufactures the Diamante writer
  • The Diamante is fully reconditioned to it’s original factory settings
  • Affordable, discounted pricing
  • 1 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Expert customer care
  • Over 76 years of innovation, quality and service
  • Free Accessories Included With Used Diamante Writer Purchase
  • Your choice of extended keys
  • Short-Stroke Feature
  • One removable re-chargeable 4-cell battery pack installed (new)
  • USB cable 6 foot
  • Data SDHC Card installed (4GB) (new)
  • Backup SDHC card installed (4GB) (new)
  • EasyLock® Z12 Tripod
  • Diamante Utilities and Tutorial CD
  • Includes Diamante Tote Bag
  • USB SD Card Reader for computers without SD card readers
  • Optical-quality cleaning cloth and spray cleaner (new)

To learn more about affordable deals on used Wave or used Diamante writers, call Stenograph 1-800-323-4247


Why Buy a Diamante from Us

If you buy a Diamante manufactured in 2009-2011 it does not have the latest updates & features. The electronics and software are outdated, and there is no short stroke option.

  • You’re buying technology that is potentially outdated!
  • Only the technicians at Stenograph have the training on how to service Diamante writers and are the only ones that have access to OEM Genuine replacement parts. If a third party claims they have reconditioned a Diamante, they are lying to you. Plus, they cannot offer a warranty on the writer.
  • When you buy from a private party or third party reseller, you don’tt know how old the writer is. Stenograph only sells used Diamantes equipped with the latest options!

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“Got rid of My Student Writer and got My Professional Writer!! This is the Fully Loaded Range Rover in My Profession! Every day is a step forward!! Motivates Me Even More to the Finish Line!! My dream I will achieve!!📚Thanks for all your help!! I love it even more in person!!

~ Joan Ortiz