The Wave Used Writer

In the market for an affordable, yet high-quality used writer? The Stenograph Wave is the perfect solution for Court Reporting students. Utilizing the same technology as the Stenograph Diamante professional steno writer, the Wave provides amazing results at a fraction of the cost. The Stenograph Wave is a finely-tuned steno writer that will maximize the effectiveness of your practice and minimize the time needed to increase your speed and accuracy. Unlike all other student writers, the Wave requires no adjustment due to its patent-pending TrueStroke technology. The Wave also comes with a vibrant flat-panel screen, which displays steno outlines as you write, enabling you to practice proper technique and increase your consistency and speed.

Reasons to rent your used Wave writer direct from Stenograph:

    • Stenograph manufactures the Wave writer
    • Fully reconditioned to Wave’s original factory settings
    • Affordable, discounted pricing
    • Warranty from the manufacturer
    • Expert customer care
    • Over 75 years of innovation, quality and service


Accessories Included With Used Wave Writer Rental

  • Your choice of extended keys
  • One removable re-chargeable 4-cell batterypack installed
  • USB cable 6 foot – clear/silver
  • EasyLock® Z12 Tripod
  • Optical-quality cleaning cloth and spray cleaner (.5 oz)
  • Classic black tote with removable shoulder strap

Please Note: Pre-Owned Wave writers are offered to students on an as-available basis. Before placing your order here, please call us at 800-323-4247 any weekday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM or fill out the contact form below and a Stenograph Representative will get back to you.

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Used Wave Writer

“I am obsessed with my new machine. I love it so much. It is such a difference from the one I was using prior. I passed all my finals last week and start next term on May 5th. Thanks for all your help. :)”

~ Lynne, Student