What to Expect from Court Reporting School

\nCourt reporting education is a combination of theory, how to use a stenotype machine and, most importantly, increasing your speed. Throughout your education, you will be required to pass various speed tests with the starting point at 60 words per minute. You’ll start building your speed in 10-word increments until you reach a whopping 225 words per minute! But speed is not the only thing that counts, a 95% accuracy is also required in order to receive your certification in court reporting. \n\n

What is the Hardest Thing to Master?

\n\nAlmost all court reporters agree, speed and terminology are the most difficult things to master. Unlike a typist, court reporters use a stenotype machine to get words and phrases down at rapid speeds. They use all their fingers at once to smash phrases together, creating a shorthand version of what someone is saying, as it is being said. After a court reporter has completed the dictation, it is then time to transcribe their notes into English. Although 225 words per minute on a steno machine is the minimum to pass the course, most court reporters today are writing at speeds of up to 340 words per minute to stay ahead of the curve.\n\n

How Does Technology Help Increase Speed and Accuracy?

\n\nAlthough typing at this level of speed and can sounds daunting, technology has done wonders to keep the court reporting professions viable and relevant. Every stenographer today depends on CAT software to help translate their notes into English in real time. \n\nIf you’re asking yourself, “why not just avoid human translation altogether and use audio recording technology instead?” There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the most critical is the fact that recorders aren’t able to tell who is speaking. If you hand an audio over to a typist days after the deposition has happened, they may be forced to leave sections out because they can’t tell who is speaking, or in many cases, the audio is too unintelligible to make sense of in the first place. A court reporter who is present for the testimony can see who is speaking, stop them at any time to clarify, and get the testimony exactly right. \n\n

Advice for Court Reporting Students

\n\nCourt reporting is an excellent career path. It will be challenging at times to reach the next level of speed and accuracy, but the reward is well worth the time and effort you put into your education. Not only does the profession offer a great deal of variety – with something new and exciting to learn every day, but the average salary is also highly competitive compared to similar careers. As a matter of fact, court reporting is considered one of the best professions that doesn’t require a 4-year degree. \n\n

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