End-of-year Tax Benefits: How to Cut Costs on Your Steno Machine Purchase

\n‘Tis the season to be shopping! With the holiday season in full swing, it’s easy to rack up a high credit card bill between gift-giving, parties and festive family feasts. With so many purchases to make before the end of the year, it may be tempting to put off making any major investments for yourself. However, a new year means a new beginning – the perfect time to launch a career in court reporting, or perhaps update that old steno machine to make your job more efficient and enjoyable. Whatever your career resolution may be, you may want to rethink putting it off until next year. Take advantage of some great benefits from Uncle Sam by purchasing a steno writer before January 1st and enjoy end-of-year tax benefits!\n\nThe IRS allows professionals to deduct business expenses from their taxes – as long as the expenses are deemed “ordinary and necessary.” While this requirement may sound vague, don’t get too carried away – that turducken you devoured this past Thanksgiving will not count as a “business expense” by the IRS. A steno machine, however, will certainly pass the test. Purchase a steno writer and begin using it before the year is over and enjoy the perks of tax benefits.\n\nA steno machine is one of the biggest investments a court reporter will make, so while taking advantage of this money-saving tip is helpful, it’s also important to make sure you’re investing in a quality machine that is reliable for years to come. Make sure to purchase a new or used steno writer directly through the manufacturer. This will ensure the highest level of quality, warranty and support. Check the supplier’s grade from the Better Business Bureau – does the manufacturer have an A+ rating? Are they trustworthy? The last thing you want is to purchase a used writer only to find out later that it’s missing modern features (such as CAT software compatibility) or that is was not “factory refurbished” by an expert. Tax benefits are only worth something if they help you afford a steno machine that actually works!\n

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\nWhen considering investing in a court reporting machine, be sure to select a model (professional court reporting shorthand machine or student court reporting shorthand machine), which meets your particular needs. Also, go with a reputable manufacturer who stands behind their product and has been producing court reporting machines for many years.