Various Types of Writing Machines

\nAlthough the very first electronic typewriter was produced in 1902, these useful devices dates as far back as 1575 to an Italian printmaker, Francesco Rampazzetto. His scrittura tattile was the first known machine to impress letters on to paper. Since then, this useful device has gone through many transformations, one of the most recent being the development of electronic memory typewriters that we are familiar with today.\n \nHowever, there is a less commonly known writing machine that exists throughout history and is still very prevalent in today’s court rooms. This writing machine is called as a steno writer – a high-tech pieces of equipment used by court reporters to document what is being said during court proceedings. There are various types of steno writing machines and equipment used by stenographers in training, court reporters, CART captionist and broadcasting captionist. \n\nThe type of writing machine and equipment required of each stenographer, or aspiring stenographer, will vary depending on what stage they are in their education and by which career they wish to pursue. \n\nWhen it comes to the Stenography, there are two primary variations of writing machines:\n


  1. A professional steno machine such as the Diamante
  2. \n\n

  3. A student steno machine such as the Wave
  4. \n

\n\n\n\n\nCourt Reporting is one of the most common professions that require mastery of the steno machine (which, I might add, is no easy feat). The most popular and sophisticated writer on the market for court reporters today is Stenograph’s Diamante Writer. If you are a court reporter with plans to achieve real-time, which many judges now require, it’s important to invest in either a new or professionally refurbished model to ensure compatibility with modern real-time software and equipment.\n\nThe Wave is a writing machine used by students. Although a Wave writing machine is not as sophisticated as a professional machine, and therefore cannot be used by court reporters once they enter the workforce, Wave machines offer all of the essential features and technology to master the skillsets required to graduate for a fraction of the cost. \n

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\nWhether you are a student or a professional, our representatives from can help you sift through the various types of writing machines, both new and used, to ensure you’re investing in the right steno machine for your future.\n\n

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