Considering Buying A Used Steno Machine?


Why Might Someone Choose To Invest In A Used Steno Machine?

\nMaybe you are a new court reporting student and need a writing machine for your studies? Perhaps you have been a shorthand writing student who has been renting a writing machine and are now ready to make a commitment in your career choice by investing in your own writing equipment. Or you are a court reporter looking to upgrade to a professional steno machine at a discounted price? Whatever the reason you are considering buying a used steno machine, there are some important points to consider before making your investment.\n

What To Look For In A Used Steno Machine:

\nCondition, Condition, Condition – condition is everything when looking to purchase a used steno machine. Buying from an ad that states “like new” or “hardly used” doesn’t insure you are getting an efficient working used steno machine. If the used steno writer is being offered direct from the writer’s manufacturer and is being offered as “factory reconditioned” or “certified pre-owned,” there is a better chance your used writer will have been inspected and brought back to near new condition. Another criteria to look for is if the writing machine’s software has been pre-installed or not. Pre-installation not only saves you time, but you will know that it has been installed correctly and that the writer is ready for use right out of the box.\n

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Who To Purchase Your Used Steno Machine From:

\nBuying a Steno Writing Machine is a big purchase and a major investment in your shorthand writing or court reporting career, so take steps to make sure you are buying your steno machine from the right company. Used writers can be found in numerous places online, but the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal. You want to be sure to purchase from a company that stands behind what they are selling. Generally, this would mean offering a warranty. Another benefit to look for is if a special offer can be tied to the steno machine purchase. For example, a useful free gift that works with the steno writer. Finally, be sure to go with a company that goes beyond having used writing machines for sale. Look for one that also manufactures the writers it sells.\n

Know About The Product You Are Looking For:

\nAs with any big purchase, information is key. To get expert information about used steno machines, contact Stenograph 1-800-323-4247.